Friday, October 11, 2013

Alleged miracle diet : hype around green coffee beans

Weight Loss: panacea from green coffee beans
A pound of weight loss per week - of course , without doing anything for it: green coffee extract is of wasting excess fat. The trend comes from the USA and is also continuing in Germany . What's behind it ?

Fitness knowledge and magazines report on " Slim Trick Green coffee fat burner " or promise " rapid weight loss with extract of green coffee beans ." The trend in the United States at least since the end of last year conquered Germany . On the Internet, offers and promises accumulate around the expensive supplements , obtained from unroasted coffee beans. Critical voices are rare.

26 tons of coffee beans in the first half

For 15 years, Würzburg partner coffee from Africa is not only drunk in Würzburg - The project is a success story

Klaus Veeh , Managing Partner of the club Würzburg drinking coffee , four cups daily fair-trade coffee .
Best quality : the first half of the club sat 26 tons of coffee Würzburg partner ab.CHRIST
The producers of the Würzburg coffee partner must go through a certification process to get the Fairtrade

A poster announces that coffee " fairbindet " . White paper bags emblazoned on the colorful logo of the " Würzburg partner coffee " . Over a range of yellow coffee bags hanging on a world map. Almost everything in the office of Klaus Veeh revolves around the theme of " coffee " . For 15 years, there is the partner of coffee is produced by small farmers in Tanzania. The project " Partners Coffee " is a success story . "Every year our sales grow by up to ten percent," says Veeh .

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

culture of coffee bean roasting

Cult of the bean

Obertshausen - Going past the coffee at the supermarket shelf, you need quite a while. Meters long pads and capsules are lined, the business is booming with the rapid cup. Lena Marie Jörger

240 kg of coffee beans summarizes the roaster by Andreas Hühsam.
But the coffee roasting Joerges in Hausen continues to rely on tradition and remains in the whole bean. A handsome mid-fifties, in a dark suit, casually sipping on a glass of espresso. The Nespresso commercials knows nearly everyone. The cult of the brightly colored aluminum capsules no end, pendants evoke the special taste.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Coffee beans from elephant dung Kopi Luwak

Chiang Saen - For true gourmet nothing is too outlandish: In Thailand, you can enjoy your coffee almost predigested. Beans of the brand "Black Ivory Coffee» all time already hiked by an elephant.

In the digestive tract of elephants he should get its unique flavor. Converted 34 euros paid for the portion of coffee Nuttall.

Fight for coffee capsules - Bochum competition for Nespresso

The market for coffee capsules controversial.
Bochum. The top dog Nespresso coffee capsules, which advertises with Hollywood star George Clooney, is facing stiff competition from Tchibo and Jacobs. But small providers like Zuiano with roots in Bochum cavort in the highly coveted growth market of portioned coffee.

Germany is a nation of coffee drinkers. 149 liters of drinking on average each citizen per year, more than water and beer. The trend is coffee made from fresh beans and ground into capsules. The segment is highly competitive. Nestlé Nespresso capsule top dog who advertise movie star George Clooney, the competition is getting more on the fur.

On Tuesday, the U.S. food group Mondelez (Tassimo, Jacobs) announced plans to bring in the second half of coffee capsules on the market that fit in Nespresso machines. Mondelez European coffee business is the number one and number two worldwide.

Wheat beer with coffee beans

MUNICH. Bavarian restaurateurs allow yourself to think on the subject of beer a lot. Instead of using Coke or Sprite, it can also be combined with coffee, like Marc Eisenbarth, owner of Café Müncher gugelhupf shows now.
Together with the Giesing brewery Eisenbarth has now released the mixed drink "ring cake coffee and wheat." It consists of 93 percent and 7 percent, top-fermented beer made from coffee beans. The alcohol content is 5.8 percent.
The created by him coffee wheat sold Eisenbarth now in his ring cake cafe in Munich. For a 0.33-liter bottle of the guest pays 3.80 euros. From the autumn there will be the mixed drink in the Giesing Braeustueberl beer maker. The "ring cake coffee and wheat" was not the first attempt at brewing restaurateurs. In 2012 he tried a similar drink, but failed in the German brewing law. The bottles were not properly labeled, the ingredients are not specified.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

A good nose for fine coffee beans

For coffee roasters Tino Rosendahl began a venture two years ago. Meanwhile, buzzing his little shop.

Mmmhhhh. . . Tino Rosendahl like the flavor of the coffee beans. Two and a half years since he resides with his roasting on Wall Street. Photo: Achim Blazy
"You need 15 grams of coffee for two cups It is estimated about 60 grams per liter and the water should not be above 93 degrees hot when pouring But actually it's not about math -.... Taste but" On request there is in Tino Rosendahl coffee roasting on Wall Street since both two and a half years. "The start was already a risk for us," says Rosendahl. Meanwhile, he and his wife Angela need to special times busy periods, Fridays and Saturdays, personal gain.